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workrx publications

"The following publications were published in collaboration with Unum Group and carry the appropriate disclaimers."

Mitchell, K.; Dance of the Invisible Impairments: Chronic Pain and the Disability Insurance Industry:  American Society of Chronic Pain, Fall Newsletter, And September, 2000  

Mitchell, K.  Integrated Disability Management, Negotiating the Politics of Integrated Disability Management, Journal of Worker’s Compensation,   Vol. 11, No. 3, spring 2002  

Mitchell, K    Managing the Psychological Side of Injury & Illness:  Become a “Coping Coach” Athletic Therapy Today, December, 2003

Mitchell, K   Managing Lost Time in the Health Care Industry, Outcomes and Impacts, Unum October, 2004

Mitchell, K    The Aging American Workforce: Realities & Opportunities   Outcomes & Impacts, Unum July, 2005.

Mitchell, K   Productive Aging: A New Life Stage, WorldatWork Journal, Publisher, WorldatWork, and January - March, 2006

Mitchell, K     Lost Time Predictors:   The Employer’s Guide to Managing the Health & Productivity Connection  Outcomes & Impacts,  Unum Spring   2006.

Mitchell, K   Creating New Horizons: Productive Aging as a Corporate Strategy,  WorldatWork Journal, Publisher, WorldatWork,   fall, 2006

Mitchell, K   Going Beyond: An Employers’ Guide to Cancer Survivorship, Unum, spring, 2008

Mitchell, K     Social Security Administration Compassionate Allowance Outreach Hearing for Cancers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts Testimony - April 7, 2008

Mitchell, K Unmotivated? or Just Stuck!  Disabilty Management Employer Coalition @ Work, May, 2010

Mitchell, K Behavioral Health & Disability Insurance: A Perspective in The Handbook of Behavioral Health Disability:  Innovations in Prevention and Management, Pamela Warren, Ph.D. Editor, Springer Publishing, In Press, 2010

Mitchell, K.:Byrum, Steven; Judgment Matters: Applications of the Judgment Index, An AHIP Podcast, July 1, 2010

Unintended Consequences: Corporate Policies that Create Lost Time: Kenneth Mitchell, Ph.D. Renee Mattaliano, MA, CRC, CPDM A Laurus Strategies Publication, January, 2011

Health and Productivity Blueprints Help Companies Avoid the Bureaugenic Disability Trap Dr. Kenneth Mitchell and Renee Mattaliano



*Publications sponssored by Unum US, Portland, ME