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Human Capital Managing Partner

  Kenneth Mitchell, Ph.D.
  Managing Partner
  Worthington, Ohio

Video SKYPE: kenneth.mitchell1031

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Collaborating Associates
The Collaborating Associates Program (CAP) is a network of independent professionals working on behalf of the WorkRx Group. Correspondingly, the WorkRx Group serves as the contracting entity, as well as the quality assurance function on each project. The Collaborating Associates are engaged on his or her outstanding record of success, experience and professional training.
WorkRx Collaborating Associates
  •   Jan Stoffijn, Adviseir Arbeid & Gezeondheid, (Experts on occupational Safety & Health), Dordrecht, The Netherlands
  •   Renee Mattalaino, MS, CDMS, CRC, Laurus Strategies, Chicago, Ilinois
  •   Sara Taylor Eggleston, MS, CDMS, CRC. LPC, Structured Health Resources, Chicago, Illinois
  •   Barbara Wleklinski,  MS, CPDS Assist, Inc. Champaign, Ill.
  •   Leslie Torburn, D.PT MyWorkHealth,  Sacramento, CA
  •   Steve Lucci, PT MyWorkHealth, Providence, RI