Connecting Health & Productivity

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The WorkRx ®:    A work prescription (WorkRx®) is both a philosophy, as well as a practice.  The WorkRx philosophy and practice affirm that: 

●   Health and productivity are connected 

●   Corporate, employee health and productivity factors can be merged into a practical plan, protecting the short and long term productivity for the employee and employer, alike.


A Corporate WorkRx ®   guides an organization to more effectively control the impact of health and productivity issues within   its work place.  It starts with a corporate plan that organizes and directs its resources. The following suggestions can be incorporated in your organization’s WorkRx ®, offering solutions to common health and productivity predicaments.



Excessive Lost Time ?  Our organization is experiencing excessive lost time and costs from unknown or confusing reasons!   


This is a common experience for employers of all sizes and industry.  The first step in managing lost time is defining the internal and external drivers.


Key questions are:


·        Do our corporate policies, practices or labor management agreements encourage unnecessary or extended lost time?

·        Do specific healthcare providers extend lost time as part of their practice patterns?

·        Are there unique employee patterns or specific impairment types in our work force that generate the most lost time?

·        Are there identifiable lost time patterns that are connected to employee relations issues?

·        Are there lost time patterns consistent over time?  Are there identifiable patterns related to seasonal lost time, lost time patterns that are increasing or decreasing?

·        Are there lost time patterns unique to a specific managers and shifts, work days, work site or affiliate division


The following link offers a tool to define the quantitative impact of lost time. Once a lost time profile is in place an organization can take the next step in determining the appropriate resources to bring forward.


Impact Study - WorkRx Group.pdf